• Image of Pokket Vampire Special Order!

Pokket Vampire Special Order are now available! If there is a particular food that you or a friend might love, I can make it! To order, please specify the type of food that you want your Pokket Vampire to desire and I will create the masterpiece up in my studio kitchen. I look forward to putting on my apron and making a culinary masterpiece for you!

Pokket Vampire - The Infernal Feast

After hundreds of years, the POKKET VAMPIRES have awoken from
their deep slumber to the smells of the worlds most delicious foods! 
No longer content to drink gross blood, they now hop around the 
world in search of tasty treats to satiate their infernal cravings. 

The Shaolin monks hear about the Pokket Vampire sightings all across the world but are too busy honing their sweet kung fu skills. Instead, they send the temple cook, Master Chushi, on the important mission to defend the world's food from these hungry ghouls! 

This is a resin art collectible with hand-painted and sculpted details, approx 4-5” tall. Each one is 1/1.

Help Master Chushi find and capture them before all the 
delectable NOMNOMS in the world are eaten up! SAVE ALL THE FOODS!

Shipping in the continental US for ONE is a flat $10.00. International will be a flat rate of $20 via USPS unless you want to make other arrangements. Delivery time from payment until order received is approx two weeks. Thank you!